examples of ERP systems


ERP is an abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning

is a package of applications to manage any company, 

includes applications to manage : accounting, procurement, inventory, human resources, customer care, marketing, .....etc


Most popular ERPs around the world are:

  1. SAR ERP
  2. Oracle ERP
  3. Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Infor ERP

website: https://www.infor.com/

Infor is the best industry-specific ERP software trusted by enterprises and SMEs alike. The cloud-based software has one of the most extensive product catalogs and its tools can help you boost productivity, improve operations and streamline business processes.

You can use it for different industries including fashion, distribution, retail, automotive, government, education, travel and hospitality, and professional services. The list is endless.

Other features you get with Infor include personalized pages, embedded analytics, role-based interfaces, optimized purchasing, agile innovation and warranty tracking among others.

You also get 24/7 access to your ERP via mobile devices and exceptional customer support.


website: https://www.solidworks.com/delmiaworks-manufacturing-erp

IQMS is an ERP software designed for manufacturing organizations. The software offers various deployment options and industry-specific solutions for manufacturing businesses.

These specific solutions include automotive, medical, aerospace and defense, process-specific BOMs, packaging, and contract manufacturing among others.

There are tons of other tools you can use to optimize and streamline your operations. The solution is built for end to end control and visibility making it a smart solution for scalability, efficiency and productivity.

IQMS also offers the largest number of modules in the manufacturing industry, so you don’t have to integrate too many third-party tools along with the ERP solution.

Other benefits you get by choosing IQMS include lower inventory costs, quick ROI, compliance management, and on-time deliveries based on demand. You also get to reduce costs related to poor quality, scrap and rejects.

Epicor ERP

website: https://www.epicor.com/en/

Epicor is popular among manufacturing companies because its built for growth and manufacturing processes. Business and manufacturers use its automation and data insights to help them stay profitable or increase profitability.

The software is highly customizable and flexible, supports a variety of industries including distribution, retail, and manufacturing among others.

You can deploy Epicor on-premises or as a cloud-based ERP and use it for your eCommerce, POS, supply chain and enterprise content management needs. The ERP also provides solutions based on data management, financial management, CRM, business intelligence and other business needs.

Among its powerful features include a comprehensive CRM, which you can use to manage leads, customers, contacts and quotations. You can also use its planning and scheduling feature to anticipate and handle demand changes to reduce disruption and downtime.

Epicor also offers human capital management like other ERPs listed here, along with enterprise content management for access, retrieval and storage of your content.

You can use the software to plan and execute multi-level projects, and manage your sales process throughout the sales funnel.

The ERP is IoT-enabled, meaning you can monitor your stores or facilities via data from PLCs or IoT sensors in real-time.

Workday ERP

website: https://www.workday.com/

Workday is a cloud-based ERP solution designed for mid-sized and large enterprises. The on-demand software is easy and quick to set up and is primarily focused on human capital and financial management.

The business model used with this ERP software involves giving you a subscription that provides access to various services instead of selling the tool altogether.

Among the key features include business planning, which allows you to plan your finances and workforce comprehensively while becoming adaptable and flexible.

You also get holistic management for your finances, which includes audits and internal controls, accounting, financial planning, inventory, expenses and more.

Its human capital management feature provides a comprehensive set of functions such as workforce planning, talent and payroll management, recruitment, people experience and compensation.

A built-in analytics module is available that helps you make data driven decisions.

Workday has several benefits that include phone, online and email support. The software is also compatible with iOS and Android devices, offers excellent data security protocols, and an exceptional environment where you and your teammates can collaborate.

Like other ERP solutions listed here, Workday is mobile friendly, offers extensive third-party integrations and has an intuitive yet user-friendly interface.

Acumatica ERP

website: https://www.acumatica.com/

Acumatica supports growing small and medium sized businesses with software editions for general business, distribution, manufacturing, construction, commerce, field service and more.

The ERP software offers industry-specific solutions no matter the type of business you have making it an extremely versatile solution.

Among its features include business digitalization, which focuses on helping you adopt value-adding technologies and using artificial intelligence to facilitate integrations with other apps.

You also get four-dimensional security management, which handles access controls, levels, auditing and visual monitoring, advanced tech architecture and financial management.

As an award-winning cloud-based software, you can grow your business with Acumatica by adding functionality and capabilities to your business.

You can also add extra users without paying for extra licensing but instead you pay for resources, extensions and app suites to support the integrations you use.

This way, you can build a customized solution that’s suited to your business needs and only pay more based on your SaaS subscription, perpetual license or private cloud.

Acumatica allows you to personalize workstations, can be deployed in the cloud, offers APIs and services to improve integration, and uses BOT agents to automate redundant steps.

You also get extremely secure servers for data integrity, instant business insights, high scalability, and an AVANTI adaptable interface.

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