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usecase diagram is a UML diagram to represent the functional requirements of the system.

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“Almosafer Travel Agency is planning to develop a new system to connect passengers with airline companies. The system will allow passengers to search for a flight by specifying the date of travelling, city of departure, and city of arrival. The system then will provide the passenger with several flight options to select from. After selecting a flight, the passenger has to enter personal details such as full name and id number to proceed to payment. When the passenger completes the payment process, they will receive a confirmation and a ticket from the airline company. In addition to sending confirmation and a ticket to the passengers, airline companies should be able to add new flights to the system, and update or delete an existing flight. They also should be able to receive a daily list of all passenger names and details in each flight.”

Draw a Use Case diagram contains at least 2 Actors and 6 Use Cases

Functional requirements: what system do?



1.must be able to signup:.....

2.must be able to login:....

3.must be able to change password

4.must be able to add post: there are to type categories of groups: books market, lost things, general query

5.must be able to edit post:...

6.must be able to  delete post

7.must be able to browse the posts in application

8.must be able to comment on a post

9.must be able to browse messages

10.must be able to send message to user



1.monitor private messages between users.

2.monitor the added posts(approve or reject)

3.login to the admin control panel

4.change password

Taxi Dispatching System Using Smartphone


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