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Many types of dates exist globally, but people are not aware of all those types. Thus, today we are taking you on a tour where you will get to know the list of dates name and the differences that lie in them.

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Size: Moreover, Halawy is a small to medium date fruit whose flesh is delicate and pale.  

Color: It has golden-brown skin. 

Origins: Halawy dates come from Mesopotamia.

Taste: Also, they are delighting, soft, and caramel-honey-like in taste.

Size: Dayri are the types of dates that are sized from medium to large and have soft and red skin. 

Color: When these dates ripen, its skin turns amber from red and turns golden brown after being stored in.

Origin: They are originated from Iraq. 

Taste: Dayri dates are soft, heavy, and sweet in taste.

Size: The size of ameri dates ranges from 12-22 grams and with an oval and elongated shape.

Color: However, they are light to dark brown colored.

Origins: Ameri dates have their origins in Iraq.

Taste: These are moderate sweet.

Size: Thoory dates are sized from medium to large and are oblong in shape. 

Color: Also, Thoory date is among the types of khajur which has typical golden brown flesh.

Origin: They are famous in Algeria.

Taste: These are pretty dry, semi-sweet, and have a peanut like nutty flavour. 

Size: Barhi dates are small, 2 to 3-4 cm in length and diameter, and have around to oval shape.

Color: Barhi dates are yellow in color.

Origins: Its origin lies in Iraq.  

Taste: Barhi is the sweetest and creamiest date, which also somewhat tastes like caramel, butterscotch, brown sugar, and syrup.

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