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Cultural anthropologists use kinship diagrams to quickly sketch out relationships between people during interviews. It provides them a means to visually present a culture’s kinship pattern without using names, which can be confusing, and allows for anonymity for the people. 

Although often used to show biological relationships within a single family, kinship diagrams are also used in the field of anthropology to record relevant information about the culture and social standing. This particular kinship diagram accurately shows the pattern of how a family is connected to one another.

Kinship charts are more detailed compared to family trees because anthropologists use interviews to draw out the relationships between individuals in the kinship charts. They are more detailed, as they use specialized elements and shapes

This family tree is based on the popular animated series that was made as a sequel to the Avatar the Last Air Bender.

If you are looking for historical family tree, your search has come to an end. This family tree chart consists of the gods and goddesses of the Olympian

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